John Lennon would have been 70 years old on 9 October.

Wow. Times flies, eh?

And to celebrate Google has, you guessed it, launched a Doodle in his honour.

The Doodle is unlike others we have seen in the past though, as it is an actual video (YouTube, of course) that is embedded above the search bar. To start the video simply click the red play button within the Doodle.

The video is a 32-second clip of animation, featuring Lennon's cartoon mock up of himself, with Imagine being played in the background. You can even watch the video in 720p if you want.

Once the video has finished, then you are presented with search results for "John Lennon" - a nice touch.

The Doodle is being rolled out now, it isn't showing on Google UK at present, so try Google France or Google Australia if you really want to see it.