HTC has gone live with its online phone portal,, which provides a web companion for HTC devices, in the same way Apple's MobileMe does for iPhone users.

The site, which is now open for registrations from HTC users, offers a number of features that will come in handy for HTC fans including:

 - A find my phone function whereby you can make your phone ring loudly (even if it's set to silent), locate your phone on a map if you can't hear it ringing, lock your phone and forward calls to an alternative number, send a retrieval message to your phone and, if worst comes to worst, lock and erase the contents of your phone.

- A text companion which stores all of your SMS conversations, and even allows you to send and receive texts from your desktop. This feature will also let you load your SMS history onto a new HTC handset.

- A contact manager that makes it easier to back up and sync your address book, as well as letting you add pictures and extra info from your computer.

- Navigation and Footprints which uses your HTC phone's GPS functionality to pinpoint saved locations on Google Maps.

- An app store that will provide you with all of the HTC tested and reviews apps for your Android handset. You'll also be able to recommence and share apps with your buddies.

As stated, is live now and works with both the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z handsets.

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