We love a bit of Bob Dylan on Pocket-lint, and there's no better toe-tapper in his weighty back catalogue than his 1965 hit Subterranean Homesick Blues. However, it's not the song itself that has been used as the bed of a Google advert for its Google Instant new search functionality; it's the accompanying video / film clip.

Originally part of Donn Alan Pennebaker's documentary, Don't Look Back, the clip, where Dylan flips flash cards as he sings the relevant words and phrases, has been aped before (most notably by Maxell for its tape advertising campaign in 1990), but it's a perfect foil to show the speed at which the new search engine finds results.

It certainly makes for a cool clip. However, we'd have preferred it if it was longer. Now, where did we put our copy of Bringing it all Back Home?