Google's new search feature, Google Instant, is able, claims Google, to predict what you are going to type before you type it.

The idea is that if you type the letter w into the new Google search, it will believe you are about to type in the word weather and therefore be better prepared to offer you search results around the weather.

It means everything can go "real-time" giving you results considerably quicker. But if w is for weather what does the rest of the alphabet stand for?

Jeff Jarvis, a journalism professor and author of “What Would Google Do?,” Tweeted about the results he got after typing each letter of the alphabet into Google. Then Advertising Age picked up on the experiment suggesting that a lot of the top returned results were shops, before the Wall Street Journal waded in with its alphabet based on a search from Long Island in America.

As you might expect all three articles searched using, but what happens if you search

Is the search engine clever enough to work out that by typing "B" you don't really want Bank of America if you live outside of the USA? Well in short, the answer is yes.

Google's new Google Instant search offering does produce results that are not only faster, but more relevant to where you are (our US alphabet searches are different for example from the ones the Wall Street Journals reporter is reporting).

However, unless you are looking for a shop or a newspaper, it seems you'll have to type in a lot more than just one letter whether you are in the UK or the US.

A is for Argos, Amazon, Asda, Asos, a

B is for BBC, BBC news, BBC weather, BBC Sport, b

C is for Currys, Comet, CBBC, Cineworld, c

D is for Debenhams, Daily Mail, DVLA, Dictionary, d

E is for eBay, Easyjet, Expedia, ebuddy, e

F is for Facebook, Facebook login, FRIV, First Choice,

G is for Google maps, Gmail, Gumtree, Games, g

H is for Hotmail, HSBC, Homebase, Halford, h

I is for ITV, Ikea, iPlayer, IMDB, i

J is for John Lewis, Jobcentre Plus, Jane Norman, Jobs, j

K is for KLM, KFC, Kwik Fit, Karen Millen, k

L is for Lotto, Lloyds TSB, Lottery results, Lidl, l

M is for MSN, Maps, Matalan, Miniclip, m

N is for Next, New Look, Natwest, National Rail, n

O is for O2, Orange, Odeon, Office, o

P is for Paypal, PC World, Play, Primark, p

Q is for QVC, Quidco, Quiz, Quotes, q

R is for Rightmove, Ryanair, River Island, Royal Mail, r

S is for Sky, Sky news, Sky Sports, Skype, s

T is for Tesco, TFL, The Sun, Topshop, t

U is for Utube, UCAS, UK Top 40, UFC, u

V is for Virgin, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Very, v

W is for Weather, Wikipeida, Wickes, We7, w

X is for Xbox, Xe, Xbox Live, Xfm, x

Y is for YouTube, Yahoo, Yahoo mail, yell, y

Z is for Zara, Zoopla, Zumba, Zizzi, z

0 is for 02, 02 suprises, 02 arena, 02 iphone, 0

1 is for 192, 10 day weather forecast, 1xtra, 123 reg, 1

2 is for 24, 2012, 2010 calendar, 2 player games, 2

3 is for 3, 3ds, 3g, 30 seconds to mars, 3d tv

4 is for 4od, 4chan, 4shared, 4321, 4

5 is for 5 day weather, 50 cent, 5 day weather forecast, 5 live, 5

6 is for 6 music, 666, 606, 60 minute makeover, 6

7 is for 7zip, 7 day weather forecast, 7dayshop, 7 deadly sins, 7

8 is for 8 ball, 888, 8 ball pool, 8 mile, 8

9 is for 90210, 9, 9 11, 911 tabs, 99p store

10 is for 10 day weather forcast, 1000 games, 1066, 10 day weather forecast London, 10

A is for Amazon, AOL, Att, Apple, a

B is for Best Buy, Bank of America, Bing, Bed Bath and Beyond, b

C is for Craigslist, CNN, Chase, Costco, c

D is for Dictionary, Droid X, Dominos, DMV, d

E is for eBay, ESPN, Expedia, Etsy, e

F is for Facebook, Facebook login, Firefox, Fandango, f

G is for Gmail, Google Maps,, Games, g

H is for Hotmail, Hulu, Home Depot, HP, h

I is for Ikea, IMDB, iPhone, iTunes, i

J is for Jet Blue, Java, Justin Bieber, JC Penney, j

K is for Kohls, Kmart, Kayak, Kroger, k

L is for Lowes, Lost, Limewire, Lyrics,

M is for Mapquest, MySpace, MSN, Maps, m

N is for Netflix, Nordstrom, NBA, NOAA,

O is for Orbitz,  Office Depot, Old Navy, Overstock, o

P is for Pandora, Paypal, Pizza Hut, Petco, p

Q is for Quotes, QVC, Quicktime, Quiznos, q

R is for Rei, Realtor, Redbox, Runescape, r

S is for Sears, Skype, Sprint, Staples, s

T is for Target, Twitter, TMZ, Ticketmaster, t

U is for USPS, UPS, UTube, UFC, u

V is for Verizon, Verizon Wireless, VLC, VRBO, v

W is for Weather, Walmart, White Pages, Wikipedia, w

X is for Xbox, XM Radio, XKCD, Xbox Live, x

Y is for Yahoo, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, Yelp, y

Z is for Zillow, Zappos, Zip codes,  Zumba, z

Let us know if you find any different results from where you are, in the the comments below...