Eric Schmidt has broken his Twitter silence to hint at what Google will be launching later today.

"I predict big things happening today at Google.  We're already fast.. fast is about to get faster," said the CEO ahead of the company's confirmed press conference; starting at 5:30pm UK time.

Google has been teasing visitors to its search engine home page over the last couple of days. It's been showing off the possible new features the software giant plans to launch as it looks to improve the speed and usability of its search engine.

On Tuesday, Google turned the logo on its home page into an interactive display of balls that teased and enticed when you hovered over them.

On Wednesday, that logo changed to something a little more mundane - washed out and grey.

However, as soon as users begin to type, the logo sprung into life colouring itself in for each letter pressed.

Google is expected to add a load of new features including real-time search, which, as Google's CEO hints, will be all about making search results faster. A lot faster it seems.

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed as Google Instant:

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