On Tuesday, Google turned the logo on its home page into an interactive display of balls that teased and enticed when you hovered over them.

On Wednesday, that logo changed to something a little more mundane - washed out and grey.

However, as soon as users begin to type, the logo springs into life colouring itself in for each letter pressed.

Is Google just having some fun? No.

google logo now grey until you start typing image 2

The two are, of course, connected, and both hint at new and exciting features the company is expected to launch at a press conference held in San Francisco on Wednesday evening (UK time) to show the next evolution of search.

For many experts, the belief is that Google will, for the second time, introduce real-time search results that change dynamically as you type.

While, for many, real time means the likes of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, Google is expected to release a new version of its search engine that delivers results quicker than ever before by using a technology called Ajax. No, really! Football and household cleaning fans rejoice.

Industry experts already claim Google has been testing the new features for some time, and are having a second stab at real time search results after the first didn't go down to well.

Other new features expected to be announced are more results on a page, from 10 to 30.

We will keep you posted.

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