Google's Chrome 6 browser has finally received a stable release, meaning everyone can expect to be updated in the very near future.

Just in time for Chrome's 2-year anniversary, the update means a whole host of new features await.

These new features include PDF integration and new syncing extensions and the ability to autofill data, along with an updated user interface and "increased speed and stability".

Google states that:

"Chrome is now three times faster than it was two years ago on JavaScript performance. We’ve also been working on simplifying the “chrome” of Chrome. As you can see, we took the already minimalist user interface and stripped it down a bit more to make it easier to use. We combined Chrome’s two menus into one, revisited the location of the buttons, cleaned up the treatment of the URL and the Omnibox, and adjusted the color scheme of the browser to be easier on the eyes".

As Chrome 6 is now nice and stable, we can expect to see development on Chrome 7 kick up a notch, according to this means it should become available in October to coincide with the launch of Google TV and the Chrome Web Store.

To experience it for yourself you can download it for from

Whether you're using it for the first time or a seasoned Chromer, be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.