The development chaps over at Google must have a cupboard full of Red Bull, allowing them to work right through the night, because it's release after release at the moment from Mountain View HQ.

Recently we've seen Google Voice going live within Gmail (not to mention the red telephone boxes to promote it) as well as push notification updates for its iPhone apps.

And now the web giant has revealed its latest project - Google Realtime.

Building on the changes that were brought in last year regarding up to the minute search results, Realtime now has its own dedicated page rather than just appearing as a section of your search results.

Google's product manager, Dylan Casey said: "When we first introduced our real-time search features last December, we focused on bringing relevance to the freshest information on the web".

"Our goal was to provide real-time content from a comprehensive set of sources, integrated right into your usual search results".

"Today we’re making our most significant enhancements to date, giving real-time information its own home and more powerful tools to help you find what you need".

Google Realtime will search and give you results from many popular time-based platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Blogger.

You're presented the results in time order, with a graphical spike chart at the top giving you an indication as to how your chosen topic has been trending.

From the search results you can narrow down the results to regions or specific locations and you can also enter into conversation view to see the responses to certain results.

Finally, you can set up Google Alerts for specific terms so that you are emailed as soon as something starts trending. Ego maniacs out there may want to check how many other people share your name before setting up alerts for yourself.

Google Realtime can be reached at and is available now.