Cnet is reporting that Google is testing a VoIP service within Gmail.

The service would work via the Google Chat platform that is accessible from your inbox and would be a major kick in the teeth for Skype if it came to fruition.

Sure, there are plenty of other VoIP alternatives out there already competing with Skype, but none with the sheer web power of the Big G.

The report suggests that any Google voice calling from within Gmail would be totally separate from the currently up and running Google Voice, which is a service that provides an access telephone number that can call all of your phones and also provides a more comprehensive voicemail service.

The suggestion is that calls made to US and Canadian numbers (from within North America) would be free, as well as internet only calls. Currently on Skype this costs 2.1c per minute on a PAYG basis, so it would seriously affect Skype's business.

There's no confirmation yet from Mountain View as to when and where the feature is going to be implemented, so we'll just have to sit tight and wait for developments.

It goes without saying that as soon as we hear anything more we'll bring you the news right here on Pocket-lint.