iPhone users who rely on Google's apps to get them through the day will be pleased to hear that the Big G has added push notifications to its iOS app.

The update means that when you receive mail in your Gmail account, or when you have an appointment pending in your Google Calendar, you can get reminders and notifications pushed right through to your phone.

It's a feature that has been available on many iPhone apps for ages now, so it's about time the chaps over at Mountain View got their app sorted.

You can choose to just have the calendar reminders if you wish - Google is well aware that most iPhone users would simply use the native email app for their electronic communications.

google pushes through updates for iphone app image 2

As well as the push notification update Google has also added "spiffy features to get you information faster". This means quicker results when using the app.

If you haven't already got the Google iPhone app, it's free in the App Store. Existing users should be able to download the updated version now.