Polaroid is getting bigger on its PoGo printers this Christmas with the launch of the Polaroid PoGo 3x4 Instant Print. As the name suggests, it has the identical functions to the straight PoGo that's been doing the rounds for a year or 2 now except it's upped the print size to a more traditional 3 x 4-inch from a 2 x 3-inch.

You can now send any photo file over to it either by USB connection from your camera or computer or via your mobile phone, both through USB and Bluetooth as well. The zero ink ZINK technology within then prints your shots out in under 50 second and means that they're dry and ready the moment they come out.

But that's not the whole story. The really nice touch that Polaroid has added is the launch of an Android app that will allow you to put a border around your print, as seen in the Pocket-lint photos below. The app is out now and offers a choice of different border styles as well as the option to write text at the bottom.

The app is a little on the rough and ready side as well as phone-poppingly large at 17.88MB, but we were told by Polaroid that these creases will be ironed out as the updates come in. The app will be coming to iPhone shortly with the delay being that "Apple is very careful when it comes to applications working with Bluetooth access".

The Polaroid PoGo 3x4 Instant Print will be available later this year for £99.99 with packs of 30 refills for £12.99.