It seems plenty of people around the UK are still just finding out about Google Street View and the wonderful or ghastly things you can find if you look hard enough.

The latest find, isn't a flying pair of pliers, but what appears to be a dead girl. Eek.

Don't panic, or call the police however, as it has been since found out that it was, in fact, just a girl playing dead, rather than actually being dead.

Turns out, 9-year-old Azura, who is now 10 and no doubt enjoying her new found fame, was messing around with a friend in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, when the Google Street View car was driving past.

Months later when the pictures started appearing online, concerned families started phoning the police to alert them to the supposed crime.

Luckily all that had really happened was that Azura had fallen over and was "playing dead" as a prank on her friend … and now it appears the Internet.

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