It's been available for some time to those who are in the know, but Google has now released its Chrome to Phone extension for all to play with.

The Chrome to Phone extension adds a simple button to your Google Chrome browser, allowing you to instantly send the current web page, map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text to your Android device running Froyo (Android 2.2).

Google says the new feature is designed to help those that use both Google offerings speed up their life:

"Suppose you're reading an interesting article on your favorite news website and need to leave for an urgent appointment. Simply click the extension icon in your browser to send the link to your phone and the device's browser will automatically open the link, ready for you to view on the go", says Google on its blog, announcing the availability of the new feature to all.

The Chrome to Phone extension is available in English for now, but Google hopes to expand to other languages soon. 

Users will need to install the Chrome to Phone Android application on their phone. The application can be downloaded from Market (search for "Chrome to Phone") and requires a mobile phone running Android 2.2 ("Froyo") or later to work.