Chrome 6's latest beta release adds autofill functionality to the browser, making it much less of a chore to complete the ubiquitous online forms that are presented to you everyday on the web.

The feature, which is similar to the one offered by Firefox, gives you a drop-down suggestion based on information that you have previously entered and you can also store more than one variation for each category - such as multiple addresses.

Data that you have auto-filled will be highlighted yellow and you can even store credit card information if you want to - you'll be prompted before you do this.

Autofill data can also be synced across your various machines and devices that you run Chrome on and, for the first time, extensions can now also be synced as well.

The beta also includes a few nips and tucks, with a streamlined toolbar and a "more approachable" address bar. Options have also now been lumped together in a single menu.

Google is also reporting improved benchmark speeds, up 15 per cent on both V8 and SunSpider, with a 64 per cent improvement on Mozilla's Dromeao DOM Core Tests.

The latest beta of Chrome is available now.

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