Google isn't letting up in its battle to take on Facebook and other social networking wannabes, as it's announced that it's bought Slide.

Google describes Slide as a "social technology company with an extensive history of building new ways for people to connect with others across numerous platforms online", and it should help the search engine tap into experience and expertise that it so far has failed to master.

"For Google, the web is about people, and we’re working to develop open, transparent and interesting (and fun!) ways to allow our users to take full advantage of how technology can bring them closer to friends and family and provide useful information just for them", the company said in a statement on the Google blog.

But it's not a random purchase down to a whim of the two founders (as is sometimes supposedly the case). Slide has already created plug-ins for a number of Google's services like Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Picasa and YouTube, as well as other social networking services like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, and Friendster.

Promising to expand on the experience further, Google says that it will "be investing even more to make Google services socially aware and expand these capabilities for our users across the web".

The news comes as Google announced that it was stopping development of its Google Wave project. 

Get ready to get connected.

What social networking features would you like to see coming from the buy-out? Let us know in the comments below.