Now, depending on your web search habits, and who has access to your phone, the announcement from Google that it is enabling web history on its mobile site may be greeted with open arms or despair.

Personally, we at Pocket-lint have nothing to hide (and we're very efficient when it comes to cleaning our web cache and hitting Ctrl+Shift+P when doing some risky searching), so we welcome the news - we're always forgetting the names of places we're supposed to be and so forth, and a quick look at our search history is bound to come in handy.

The service works from searches you have done whilst signed in to Google, and shows you not just your mobile searches, but syncs over your desktop and laptop ones too. You'll also get a thumbnail screenshot to help refresh your memory as to what the site was when you visited via a search.

google goes mobile with web history image 3

You also have quick access to items that you've starred on your machines and you can delete any searches or starred pages by editing your history page.

google goes mobile with web history image 4

At present the service is only available in the US, as is Google's usual practice when it comes to new services, but a global roll-out normally follows.

And, if you are worried about your search habits being uncovered, you can always opt-out of Google's search history service, not sign-in to Google, or simply enable private browsing for those times when you're looking up stuff that you wouldn't want anyone else to find out....such as checking when the new series of Ugly Betty is coming out.