Google has added a feature to its Gmail service whereby you don't need to click to save an attachment, and then select a destination - you can now simply drag and drop your email attachments to your desktop or a designated folder.

The process, which only currently works with Google's Chrome browser, lets you select the icon of any attached files and drag them to where you want them. If you hover over the icon you get a text prompt telling you that you can do this.

You can still have your browser in full screen to make use of this function. In Windows 7, for example, you can drag the file to your taskbar explorer icon and select a folder to drop in that way, or drag the file to the "show desktop" button in the bottom right corner to make use of it that way.

This new feature completes a drag and drop hat-trick for Gmail. Users can also drag and drop attachments into an email, as well as dragging images straight into the body of the email as well.

It's all very Mac-like, but it makes life a bit easier.

In other Gmail news, the ability to sign in to multiple accounts is also being rolled out. The feature is not showing up for all users as of yet, but when it does, you will see the option for multiple sign-in on your account settings.

If you click to "change" the settings you get a message from Google saying that this is a feature that will work with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Reader, Google Voice, App Engine and Google Code.

The Google help centre says:

"If you use multiple sign-in, the first account you use to sign in during that browser session will be your default account  for the rest of that session. If you visit other Google products that don't support multiple accounts after you've signed in, you will automatically sign in to your default account for that product. If you sign out of any Google product while signed in to any account, you will be signed out of all your Google Accounts at once".

Again, this is a nice little addition from the G-meister, that will make your online life a little bit easier.

Are you a Gmail user? If so, what do you think of the new features? Give us a shout below.