The latest version of Google Earth has been released - and it adds a clouds layer, letting you see the latest weather patterns from satellite images.

The layer, which is currently available for areas in North America and parts of Europe shows off the cloud and precipitation (that's a posh word for rain and snow - we have got a GCSE in Geography don't you know) that is forming overhead.

You can even zoom in to a specific area and see graphics of the rain falling - use Manchester for an example of this in action, it is always raining there.

google earth adds weather unleash the michael fish in you image 3

Google said, via its blog:

"This is a fun and useful tool for anyone planning to travel or who wants to check a specific area where a friend of relative might be visiting or living".

We agree - it's a nifty little addition to what is already a brilliantly fascinating program from the big G. Our favourite feature is still the History layer that was added with the release of version 5 though.

What additions would you like to see included on Google Earth next? Maybe some real-time flight info, or even something more eco-friendly like bird migration patterns? Let us know using the comments below.