Google has given Google Images a spring clean (it's spring somewhere in the world) leaving us with a much improved and more user friendly service.

Instead of having to click next page to scroll through, all images are presented on one big, scrollable and always loading wall - with the tile feel that has become the norm with other picture galleries and smartphones.

There are still page numbers, so you can keep track of where you are, but they are less obtrusive and it is now much easier to see more images in a quicker time. You can also use your page up and down buttons on your keyboard to scroll.

The tile feel is a result of Google removing all of the text. You can switch image sizes back on if you want to - these appear in the bottom corner of the thumbnail - and you can still view all the details by hovering over the pic.

Searching is also more accurate as you can click to view similar pics - and Google can even search for similar pics from images that don't have labels by analysing the photo and getting labels from similar images. Its blog even states it can differentiate between different species of leopards.

You can also choose to search for similar colours using the colour blocks down the left hand side.

When you select an image now, you get the full size image displayed on a landing page with the website it came from in the background - no more having to click through to see the image in full size or trying to find it on the web-page.

It's weird - we didn't really realise how outdated Google Images was until we spent some time with the new improved service. It is so much quicker now as you can see so many more images on one page. It's just much more in tune with what we're used to.

Well played Google, well played. Just don't make us wait so long next time for a revamp.

Are you a Google Images fan? Let us know what you think of the improvements using the comments below.