Google has released some fascinating data relating to search queries and trends that occurred during the World Cup.

The most interesting data relates to how Google search query traffic was affected during the periods in which different countries' matches were taking place. Google has crowned Brazil fans the most loyal as it had the biggest decrease in search queries, indicating that more Brazilian's logged of of their machines and instead chose to watch the football.

The graph below shows how traffic was reduced in Brazil during its match with North Korea on 15 June. As you can see, Googling dropped during the match, with a little peak at half-time, and then rose slowly again afterwards.

google brazil fans most loyal during world cup image 3

The graph below shows the average traffic change, with Brazil on top with the largest decrease. England sit in 14th place, about the same ranking as the football team in the tournament.

google brazil fans most loyal during world cup image 4

The final chart shows that Google search queries worldwide dropped the most during the final and the second most during the England v Germany last 16 match.

google brazil fans most loyal during world cup image 5

In terms of search queries during the tournament David Villa was the most popular player, ahead of Thomas Müller, Diego Forlán and Wesley Sneijder. Not a Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka or, sadly, Rooney in sight.

After the final the world was keen to find out more about Andres Iniesta, who scored the winning goal and also Dani Jarque - whose name Iniesta wore on his under-shirt as a tribute. Jarque tragically died last year at the age of 26.

So, another World Cup over and not even a sniff of glory for England. Roll on 2014, when we'll do it all again....and probably be beaten by the Germans once more.