Opera Mini, the world's most most popular mobile browser, has shed its beta tag for its Android version with the stable release of Opera Mini 5.1.

There's no major differences between the beta 5.0 and the new release except that 5.1 has improved its compatibility with bigger screened Android handsets like the HTC Evo, Motorola Droid and the Samsung Galaxy S, and you can now set it as the default browser for your Android device.

Other than that, you're getting better stability to go with all of the usual Opera features that you're used to; such as tabbed browsing, a password manager, bookmarks and speed-dial, and also the ability to sync your mobile Opera browser with your desktop version.

"Opera Mini 5.1 for the Android platform is the next step in bringing the world's most popular mobile web browser to all major platforms, offering improved performance and great web experience to almost any handset", says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software.

"Opera Mini is used by over 61 million people on more than 3000 handset models and with today's release Opera continues its mission to provide the best web experience on any device and on any platform".

Opera Mini 5.1 is available in the Android Market or over at m.opera.com.

iPhone users should be aware that they can also use Opera on their handset - it's available free in the App Store.

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