Google has updated its blog post regarding its censorship row in China with the simple sentence:

"We are very pleased that the government has renewed our ICP license and we look forward to continuing to provide web search and local products to our users in China".

So that's cleared that up then. Or has it?

What about Google's threat back in January that it would quit the country as a result of cyber-attacks on Gmail accounts of human rights' activists, or its harsh criticism of the way the Chinese government censors the web for its public?

Google said originally on its blog:

"We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down, and potentially our offices in China".

Has the situation changed in China with only Google finding out? Or has Google wobbled on its original threat because of the huge economic potential that China may present to it?

After all, Google is still censoring its search results via

It was recently redirecting all traffic through to, which provided uncensored results in a recognisable language for Chinese surfers. Now that procedure has changed and simply provides a link to instead.

How long until the Chinese government ask Google to remove that option though?

And going by Google's recent backtracking, it will probably do as it's told.

We are very pleased that the government has renewed our ICP license and we look forward to continuing to provide web search and local products to our users in China.  (original post) Ever since we launched, our search engine for mainland Chinese users, we have done our best to increase access to information while abiding by Chinese law. This has not always been an easy balance to strike, especially since our January announcement that we were no longer willing to censor results on  We currently automatically redirect everyone using to, our Hong Kong search engine. This redirect, which offers unfiltered search in simplified Chinese, has been working well for our users and for Google. However, it’s clear from conversations we have had with Chinese government officials that they find the redirect unacceptable—and that if we continue redirecting users our Internet Content Provider license will not be renewed (it’s up for renewal on June 30). Without an ICP license, we can’t operate a commercial website like—so Google would effectively go dark in China.  That’s a prospect dreaded by many of our Chinese users, who have been vocal about their desire to keep alive. We have therefore been looking at possible alternatives, and instead of automatically redirecting all our users, we have started taking a small percentage of them to a landing page on that links to—where users can conduct web search or continue to use services like music and text translate, which we can provide locally without filtering. This approach ensures we stay true to our commitment not to censor our results on and gives users access to all of our services from one page.  Over the next few days we’ll end the redirect entirely, taking all our Chinese users to our new landing page—and today we re-submitted our ICP license renewal application based on this approach.  As a company we aspire to make information available to users everywhere, including China. It’s why we have worked so hard to keep alive, as well as to continue our research and development work in China. This new approach is consistent with our commitment not to self censor and, we believe, with local law. We are therefore hopeful that our license will be renewed on this basis so we can continue to offer our Chinese users services via  Posted by David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer  Permalink  Share: An update on China  Labels: Asia, free expression, policy and issues, privacy  Links to this post    La Cina ha rinnovato la licenza a Google | setteB.IT     Il motore di ricerca può continuare ad operare come fornitore di contenuti nel paese che censura i risultati. Solo a fine giugno Google sperava di ottenere il.      Posted by Fabio M. Zambelli at 05:00    China renueva la licencia de Google para operar en el país ...     "Nos complace comunicar que el gobierno chino ha renovado nuestra licencia de proveedor de contenidos de Internet (ICP License) y esperamos continuar proporcionando servicio con nuestro buscador y productos locales a nuestros usuarios ...      Posted by at 04:45    Google Gets Its License To Operate In China Renewed     Back in January 2010, Google declared that it was no longer willing to continue censoring search results on, and that it would possible shut down the Chinese search page, and potentially even its offices in China.      Posted by Robin Wauters at 04:43    – – Edición España y Latinoamérica     Última hora: el gobierno chino renueva la licencia de operador de Internet a Google. Julio 9, 2010 01:37 PM. Enviar a Menéame · Enviar a Fresqui · Consultar en Technorati · Enviar a Google · Enviar a digg · Enviar a · Enviar ...      Posted by Redacció at 04:41    – – Edició Països Catalans     Última hora: el govern xinès renova la llicència d'operador d'Internet a Google. Julio 9, 2010 01:36 PM. Enviar a Menéame · Enviar a Fresqui · Consultar a Technorati · Enviar a Google · Enviar a digg · Enviar a · Enviar a My ...      Posted by Redacció at 04:41    China renews Google's license to host -- Engadget     A little later than anticipated, Google is confirming that China has renewed its ICP license -- the rights one needs to host a site on.      Posted by Tim Stevens at 03:59    China renews Google's license to host     A little later than anticipated, Google is confirming that China has renewed its ICP license -- the rights one needs to host a site on its own domain in China. Without that Google would certainly be on the outs, but after resuming ...      Posted by Tim Stevens at 03:59    All abuzz with Sarbanes-Oxley, the “Internet Kill Switch”, and ...     Our branches of the Federal Government have been these past two weeks, as well as the Chinese government half way around the world. First came the US Supreme Court ruling on Sarbanes-Oxley. Then a US Senate committee passes a bill ...      Posted by Heidi Gigler at 06:24    Google Seeks New China Strategy     The last time we heard any news on the Google situation in China, the report was that the situation was stable and that Google would continue to re-direct users to the Hong Kong search engine. However, this strategy seems to have hit a ...      Posted by at 08:24    ¿Google da marcha atrás en China?     La compañía del buscador deja de redirigir a sus usuarios chinos a los servidores de Hong Kong por defecto, para darles la oportunidad de elegir entre los servicios para China o bien la búsqueda a través de Hong Kong. ...      Posted by guillem.alsina at 16:08    Would Google.CN be a Non-Search Enginee Site?     As you may have known, the domain "" had been automatically redirected to "" since this March. And last week, Google stopped such automatic redirection, and launched a web page at ...      Posted by Donnie at 12:03    Les recherches sur Google seront filtrées en Chine     Par François-Bernard Huyghe, chercheur associé à l'IRIS, co-directeur de l'Observatoire géostratégique de l'information. Dernier épisode du conflit qui oppose la Chine et Google : ce dernier a du avouer sur son blog qu'il cessait de ...      Posted by Gwenaëlle Sauzet at 01:56    Google's Chinese Standoff Continues: So Why Not Just Leave?     In the latest move in Google's ongoing dance with Chinese authorities, the company says its search services have been partially blocked, as it waits for a decision on whether its licence to operate in China will be renewed or not (the ...      Posted by Mathew Ingram at 08:02    Google, China, and the Russian Spy Case     googlehk.png. When I signed on to Google from Beijing on Thursday, the message beneath the US search bar, usually reserved for in-house advertisements for YouTube and the like, was the following: “Learn about your First Amendment rights ...      Posted by Evan Osnos at 06:06    China's Baidu To Hire 30 Software Engineers On 'Google Territory'     While Google awaits to find out whether the Chinese government is giving it the green light for the renewal of its Internet content provider (ICP) licence, its local competitor, China's largest search engine Baidu is touting its ...      Posted by Liva Judic at 03:46    Chine 1, Google 0     Dernier épisode du conflit qui oppose la Chine et Google : ce dernier a du avouer sur son blog qu'il cessait de rediriger les demandes d'internautes chinois vers Google non censuré de Hong Kong. La suite.      Posted by François-Bernard Huyghe at 16:00    Are US Investors Financing Censorship in China?     While Google continues to try and maintain a foothold in China — it was recently forced to change the way its Chinese website operates, after the government threatened to remove the company's license — one expert in Chinese censorship ...      Posted by Mathew Ingram at 15:30    News Rivva 30.6.2010     Scientific American explains jerking off. Icon Dangerous Minds — Image via Zazzle It would be impossible for me to summarize research psychologist Dr. Jesse Bering's sprawling essay, One reason why humans are special and unique: We ...      Posted by at 14:59    What's Worse ?     If you've kept an occasional eye on Google's difficulties with the Chinese government - you'll know that the mandarins (ha!) in Beijing have been increasingly unhappy with Google's supposedly brave stance against censorship, ...      Posted by HowMarvellous at 13:36    Google and China, continued: Congress examines US investment in ...     Rebecca MacKinnon writes,. In his latest blog post, Google's Chief Legal Officer David Drummond reports that Chinese authorities aren't happy with the automatic redirection of to Hong Kong. They are threatening not to renew ...      Posted by Xeni Jardin at 17:29    Google and China, continued: Congress examines US investment in ...     Rebecca MacKinnon writes,. In his latest blog post, Google's Chief Legal Officer David Drummond reports that Chinese authorities aren't happy with the automatic redirection of to Hong Kong. They are threatening not to renew ...      Posted by Xeni Jardin at 11:13    Is the end nigh for Google Maps in China?     Google's problems in mainland China appear to be coming to a head these past 48 hours, with both and the China-localized Google Maps in danger of being shut down soon. Most discussed among the pundits has been Google's ...      Posted by at 08:27    Google dejará de redirigir el tráfico web chino hacia los ...     Logotipo de Google Parecía resuelta la disputa entre Google y China, desde que el buscador redireccionara las búsquedas a los servidores de Hong Kong, aunque nada más lejos de la realidad. Google sabía que debía renovar la licencia ICP ...      Posted by Fran G. at 06:49    Useful Links: more broadband,, social media day, iPhone dev     Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution from the POTUS promises more broadband. We need it. Is it or Either way, it's a workaround for searching in China. See An Update on China. It's Social Media Day. ...      Posted by vdebolt at 05:34    Google Conciliate Chinese Censors by a New Landing page on Google ...     In Last January, Google threatened to tug out of China and promised to stop serving censored results to Chinese users. Keeping with their words, back in March, Google finally made the bold decision to effectively end censorship in China ...      Posted by Dipesh Kumar Singh at 04:10    Google's China trainwreck continues     When Google first threatened to exit China over concerns about the government's censorship stance and involvement in a hacking incident, I called Google's move a "calculated business decision" while at the same time questioning just how ...      Posted by Patricio Robles at 01:04 – Dark Times Ahead     The controversy surrounding Google and China never seems to die down. In the latest turn of events, Google has announced that it will stop automatically redirecting users from the website to its server in Hong Kong in order to ...      Posted by Rohit Bhat at 00:48    !      . , ICP . ...      Posted by at 00:22    Linkwertig: Identität, Google, Friendly Music, Open Stack ...     Identität Martin Lindner mit einem sehr schönen Text über Identität im Zeitalter der Wolke. Primär geht es im Netz ja.      Posted by Markus Spath at 23:00    Google to Alter Chinese Site in Bid to Retain Operator License     Mountain View, Calif. -- Google announced that it will stop re-directing Chinese users to a Hong Kong-based version of its search site, in a bid to retain a key "Internet Content Provider" license issued by the government that is ...      Posted by Rich Scherr at 14:45    Google Cheeky in China?     Today, Google made a cheeky move on its China site ( in order to preserve its domain name and ability to operate in the PRC. As you may recall, in January Google decided they no longer wanted to comply with censorship ...      Posted by Andrew at 13:05    Google Retreats In China Ahead Of License Renewal Attempt     Early this year, Google took a stand against censorship in China and announced the possibility that it would shut down Today, that proved unlikely. Google has said it will compromise an already-ineffective solution to improve ...      Posted by at 08:24    Google chinês lança nova página inicial e encerra redirecionamento     E a novela continua. O Google anunciou nessa terça-feira que não vai mais redirecionar todo o tráfego do (versão para China) para o (versão do Google para Hong Kong). Segundo a empresa, o governo chinês avisou ...      Posted by Thássius Veloso at 10:51    Google Takes One More Step Away From China     Google today announced another step in its protracted divorce from China - to satisfy regulatory and license requirements, it's no longer directly serving results from its Hong Kong based (and uncensored) engine onto its site. ...      Posted by at 10:53 . ...      Posted by at 09:05    Google censorship     Google said this week it plans to stop redirecting Chinese searchers to an uncensored portal in Hong Kong. In so doing, the search giant replaces it's famous "Don't be evil" slogan with, "It's okay to be a little bit evil." ...      Posted by Mitch Wagner at 08:24    Google's long goodbye     Baruch: Today, another round of derivative punditry: There is much reading of tea leaves re Google's reading of tea leaves re what Chinese authorities really think of Google's continued web presence in mainland China. What we know: ...      Posted by Bento at 07:56    Google to stop auto-redirecting China site to Hong Kong     Google, citing censorship as well as the hacking of Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, early started doing an end run around the issue by automatically redirecting Chinese users to its Hong Kong servers, where they could ...      Posted by Technology Expert at 07:41    Google China ya no redireccionará a Hong Kong     El culebrón de Google en China no para. Como ya dijimos en su momento, Google optó por redirigir a sus usuarios de a su página de Hong Kong, que está libre de censura. Pero esto no le ha funcionado más que durante un tiempo. ...      Posted by Iván Lasso at 07:26    Google adopta una nueva estrategia con China     La decisión de Google de “abandonar” China debido a la censura impuesta a su motor de búsqueda ( ya los ataques informáticos sufridos por Gmail provenientes desde esta nación, podría tener los días contados. ...      Posted by ZooTV at 07:11    Google's Eric Schmidt says smartphones 'are the future for the world'     Reading between the lines of his latest interview, Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggests just why Google is going up against Apple in the mobile space, saying smartphones are "the future for Google and the world.” ...      Posted by Jonny Evans at 06:48    Google Vs China     The saga continues and the statement below from Google's blog shows how reluctant it is to pull out of such a lucrative market, while at the same time trying to remain loyal to its own pledge of providing uncensored results. ...      Posted by Blenx at 06:48    Google Vs China     The saga continues (see Google threatens to pull out of China) and the statement below from Google's blog shows how reluctant it is to pull out of such a lucrative market, while at the same time trying to remain loyal to its own pledge ...      Posted by Blenx at 06:48    Google to Stop Redirecting Chinese Search Traffic to Hong Kong Site     Google will stop redirecting Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site as it looks to maneuver itself into a more conciliatory posture. Its Internet Content Provider license is scheduled to come up for renewal on Wednesday. ...      Posted by Pulkit Chandna at 06:35    Google China Home Page Returns     Google China's web search home page is operational to Chinese web search users again. landing page. In March 2010, Google was to exit China and end Chinese operations. Then, Google China redirected web ...      Posted by Gordon Choi at 06:27    Google Backs Off Hong Kong Redirect At China's Insistence     Google yesterday responded to threats from the Chinese government by removing its Hong Kong redirect. The software giant initially put the redirect in place as to provide Chinese citizens with a way to get search results not filtered by ...      Posted by Brian Heater at 06:27    Google feels pressure, stops redirecting China search traffic to ...     China. In a statement released today, Google announced that it would stop redirecting search traffic from China's landing page to Hong Kong's page Google initially started redirecting traffic in January in an ...      Posted by Andrew Munchbach at 06:12    Chinese Government Throws Google a Lemon: Google Tries to Make ...     Back in January, Google threatened to pull out of China and promised to stop censoring results served to Chinese users. They followed through on their promise in March and started redirected all users to the uncensored ...      Posted by Pallab De at 06:03    Google To Stop Redirecting Chinese Users To Hong Kong     Back in March Google [GOOG] decided to redirect its Chinese search users to their Hong Kong site in an attempt to get round the censorship dispute they were having with the Chinese Government. 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So did anyone really believe the world's largest online ...      Posted by Jon at 04:57    La Chine force Google à supprimer une redirection vers Hong Kong ...     La Chine inflige à Google un supplice … chinois. La société américaine, qui a fermé en mars dernier son moteur de recherche chinois en dénonçant la censure, a dû cesser de rediriger automati.      Posted by Pierre Haski at 04:38    Delicious LiveJournal Links for 6-29-2010     Official Google Blog: An update on China. (tags: google china search). A Half-Hearted Defense of the “Star Wars” Prequels. (tags: jedi sith movies philosophy starwars). Suspected Russian spies charged in US. What is this, the 80s? ...      Posted by Andrew Ducker at 04:01    Google     GoogleGoogle ...      Posted by Haruka Ueda at 04:00    Google Stops Redirecting China Queries to Hong Kong Site In Hope ...     Google announced it is making changes to its approach in China. At stake: its ability to apply for - and hopefully obtain - the renewal of its Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence with the Chinese authorities. ...      Posted by Liva Judic at 03:42    Google On China: Yeah, So Apparently The Gov't Doesn't Like Us ...     This can't really come as a surprise, but it appears that Google's plan to redirect all traffic from China to its Hong Kong site, in response to China's censorship... and hack attack isn't making China very happy. ...      Posted by Mike Masnick at 03:26    Google negocia de nuevo con china     Las negociaciones entre China y el buscador siguen aunque esta semana las conversaciones han llegado a un punto bastante serio. China podría retirar al buscador la licencia como proveedor de contenidos, con el fin de mantener la censura ...      Posted by Redacción at 03:05    Google in China: Rückzug vom Rückzug     Es war ein schönes kurzes Wintermärchen: Google zog ueber Nacht mit seiner Suchmaschine von China nach Hongkong um, damit man nicht mehr die Netzzensur-Massnahmen der chinesischen Regierung umsetzen musste. Das war ein deutliches Signal ...      Posted by markus at 02:43 redirect ends, in favor of new landing ...     Google is currently redirect everyone using to, Hong Kong search engine. "This redirect, which offers unfiltered search in simplified Chinese, has been working well for users and for Google. ...      Posted by DG at 02:42 Ends Hong Kong Redirect | the Beijinger Blog | China ...     As we all know, last March Google started automatically redirecting all mainland traffic using to its Hong Kong site, The company has now removed the automatic redirect – a move the New York Times claims.      Posted by N405WN at 01:49    Google exploits China ISP loophole: Keeps as fake front     Back in March, after negotiations fell flat with the government on censorship, Google "pulled out" of China, redirecting people who entered to its sister site in Hong Kong. Now, since that's run afoul of Chinese laws, ...      Posted by Elaine Chow at 01:30    China Pressures Google to Remove Automatic Redirect to Hong Kong     The ongoing game of cat and mouse between China and Google continued today as the Internet search behemoth announced it is making some changes in an attempt to please the Chinese government. The dust up began in January of this year ...      Posted by Chris Cameron at 02:12         ICP ...      Posted by Oliver.C at 00:51    Ressources pédagogiques (et autres) :o)     EDD: Turning Off the Air Conditioning Helps Save Fuel, Swiss Study Finds. Histoire-Géographie: Global Map of Fujian, China - Elevation; Global Map of Fujian, China - Land Use; Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan - Internally Displaced, Refugees and ...      Posted by Henri Willox at 00:45    Google Tweaks Its China Strategy In Attempt To Keep Its Site Up     Google China. Google (NSDQ: GOOG), which has been redirecting Google China visitors to its search page in Hong Kong for three months now in order to avoid censoring its results, is trying a new strategy. The company says it can no ...      Posted by Joseph Tartakoff at 09:45    Google Toes Line in China: Tries to Stay Uncensored, Legal, and ...     Google's presence in China is pretty small at the moment, since the company very loudly withdrew from the country amid federal investigations into hacking that may or may not have originated somewhere in the Chinese government. ...      Posted by Dan Nosowitz at 07:17 GoogleGoogle ...      Posted by () at 00:28    Google Pulls a Hail Mary in China     Earlier this year, Google killed its censored version in China and began redirecting users on the mainland to its uncensored Hong Kong engine. Now it's saying that the Chinese government is unhappy with this approach and that Google's ...      Posted by Harry McCracken at 00:28    ICP     630ICPICPGoogle.cnGoogle.cnICP ...      Posted by (williamlong) at 00:16    Google to stop redirecting mainland users to HK site     The Official Google Blog offers an update on their situation in the China market: We currently automatically redirect everyone using to, our Hong Kong search engine. This redirect, which offers unfiltered search ...      Posted by (Danwei Picks) at 00:46   Create a Link Newer Post Older Post Home                 powered by      Site Feed Site Feed Add to Google Archives More Blogs from Google Visit our directory for more information about Google blogs.  Sign up to get our posts via email. 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