Google has revamped its hugely popular news aggregation service, making its whole newsy experience a lot more personal and locality based.

If you sign in to Google News you'll be able to set your personal preferences when it comes to the sorts of stories that you're interested in. It will also use your search history, from whenever you're signed in to the Google network, to determine your interests as well - so be sure to switch on private browsing if you want to, you know, do some private browsing.

These personal preferences will be displayed in a section called "News for You". Whenever you see a story in this section you want to see more about you can hover over the headline to reveal similar stories. You can also share clusters of stories via your social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Buzz) with a click of a newly added button.

There's also a new local section, specific to where you are that will show weather forecasts as well as the top local headlines.

Finally, there is the option to now tell Google News which news providers you like and which ones you hate using the settings. You can add "more news from" certain sources or choose "less news from" others.

There's a great little overview of all of the changes right here and you can also check out the video below of the new features in action. It's only available on Google News US at the moment - but that doesn't stop you using it from the UK - and it will be rolled out worldwide in the next few months.