We told you all about the pre-registration process being set up over in the states and here in Blighty so it seems only right that we tell you about the official availability of the Slingbox mobile player on Android handsets.

Priced up at $29.99 there is a disclaimer on the Slingbox website that says the price will be converted to local currencies at the time of purchase. Using the current rates you're looking at about £21 in the UK, which is a bit pricier than the iPhone version at £17.99 or the £19.99 it costs to get it on a BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS or Windows Mobile phone.

The app connects to a Slingbox Solo or Pro and lets you watch anything you can see on your TV at home on your Android smartphone. You can also change channels and control your PVR.

If you've got a Slingbox Solo or Pro at home, it's worth considering the app, especially if you're a TV control freak. If you do get it, or you've got it already, then let us know how you find it - we're always interested in your feedback.