Back in March we brought you news that SlingMedia, the guys behind the Sling box and the Sling player, were collecting email addresses of US Android customers who were interested in having the service on their mobile handsets.

Well, call us lazy, but we're going to copy and paste the main body of that news post and simply change the appropriate details to make it relevant for today's news (the changed parts are in bold):

Is SlingMedia, the company behind the Sling box and Sling player, about to launch an Android version? That's the impression of many following a new page on the company's website in the UK, which allows fans of the Android platform to sign up to be kept in the loop. 

"Be one of the first to know when SlingPlayer Mobile for Android becomes available in the UK. Submit your email address below and we'll keep you posted", reads the words on the android-signup page.

We hope you don't mind our brazen copy and pasting there, but if it's okay for Sling to simply replace the US with a UK for its announcement then it's okay with us.

Either way, whether you're offended or not, the news that SlingPlayer is heading for Android is good news. Check out the video below of it in action: