INQ Mobile, the creator of the INQ1 and Skype budget smartphones like the INQ Chat 3G and INQ Mini 3G in the UK, has confirmed that it is switching its smartphone OS to Android for future devices.

Frank Meehan, CEO of the company, has told US tech news site, GigaOM, that it will launch the first of its phones based on Google’s OS, a multitouch device, sometime in the fourth quarter.

“We are going all-Android and touch”, Meehan told the site.

The company, which offers contract and PAYG smartphones as cheap as £30 in the UK has previously used Qualcomm's BREW OS.

The latest news will be a blow to the San Diego based chip maker who earlier in the year announced it was launching a BREW powered phone with HTC - the HTC Smart.

INQ Mobile has always said that it was keen to embrace the Google backed Android OS, but hadn't gone as far as saying that it would be the only platform it would support in the future.

INQ joins a number of companies including Motorola that are Android powered only.