Google is scrapping Microsoft's Windows OS from its employee's PCs. The move comes as a security response after Google China was hacked back in January.

“Many people have been moved away from [Windows] PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks,” a Google worker told the FT. Employees will also be able to use a Linux OS should they wish.

If Google bods do need to use Windows for any reason then they first have to get approval from senior level.

Google is expected to publicly launch its own Chrome OS soon, and it's safe to assume that Google will be heavily encouraging Chrome OS use from within. “Before the security, there was a directive by the company to try to run things on Google products”, said a Google employee. “It was a long time coming”.

It seems a week doesn't go by when we don't run a story where Google, Microsoft or Apple aren't having a pop at each other for some reason or another. Expect Microsoft to respond to this decision some time soon with its own bitchy comments and expect Jobs and his pals to wade in next week at Apple's WWDC with some sly digs of their own.

It's a conglomerate tech war that seems set to run and run.