Google has gone all out for Pac-Man's 30th birthday celebrations by releasing the first ever playable Doodle.

Head over to Google to take a look for yourself. It's a mini, wider version of the classic, complete with the original sounds and of course, those infuriating ghosts.

Tomorrow is 30 years to the day that Pac-Man was launched to the world and Google's Doodle team decided that they had to do something special in honour of the occasion.

"When we became aware of the anniversary", said Ryan Germick, a member of the Google Doodle team, "we thought it would be awesome to create not only something that references Pac-Man on the home page, but also something playable".

Awesome it certainly is. Give it a go and say goodbye to your Friday afternoon.

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Update: Reader Mark has pointed out that if you click the 'Insert Coin' button below the Doodle you can get two player action, with Ms. Pac-Man joining in on the fun. Control Ms. Pac-Man with the WASD keys.