You may recall that yesterday we told you all about Google's involvement in WebM - the open source HTML5 video project. No? Well, have a look here then. Anyway, amongst the FAQ's on the WebM website was a mention of the next version of the Android OS:

When will other Google products support WebM and VP8? 

WebM support in Android is expected in the Gingerbread release (currently planned for Q4, 2010). We expect many other Google products to adopt WebM and VP8 as they prioritize it with their other product requirements. Keep an eye on the WebM blog for announcements.

So there you have it, clear as day. Gingerbread is due at the end of this year. It might not be version 3.0. It could just be 2.3. But 3.0 sounds a lot more exciting so we'll stick with that for the time being, or at least until we're told otherwise.