It's impossible to keep a lid on all of the news bursting out of the Google I/O conference that's currently going on in San Francisco. Obviously, the Google TV announcement is going to get most of the headlines, and rightly so as it looks absolutely game-changing. But there's plenty of other juicy titbits emerging.

One of these is that it's been revealed that Google has bought out Simplify Media. This could be big news in Google's battle with Apple for web supremacy. You see, it could signal the emergence of a serious iTunes rival. We're not talking a cult music program, a la MediaMonkey, we're talking a mainstream, serious alternative.

Simplify Media has had a message on its front page, for the last 3 months now, saying that "after developing the technology behind Simplify Media for over four years, it is time for us to take it in a new direction".

The new direction, as confirmed with Steve Jobs' new worst enemy Vic Gundotra, is that Simplify's technology would be used to create a new desktop program that will let you access and sync all of your tunes on any of your Android devices using a new web-based Android music system.

There's no more details than that at the moment, but Google had previously shown off a demo of the Android market place and it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together to come up with a bona fide iTunes competitor.

What do you guys think? AndroidTunes incoming? Let us know the usual way.