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(Pocket-lint) - Google has outlined plans of how it expects users of its yet-to-be-released operating system to get the latest apps and games at its annual Google I/O conference in the US.

The Chrome Web Store, as it will be known, will allow users of the Chrome browser and Chrome OS to easily install shortcuts to fully fledged programmes and services, in an attempt to, not only make using software online easy and stress free, but to give them an edge over other browsers on the market.

Google has already said that it would be offering users a web-based store to download apps for its Chrome browser and Chrome OS operating system. However, at the official launch of the Chrome OS in November last year, Google is hoping that teasing developers with information now will give them plenty of time to get apps developed in time for an expected November release.

"We believe it should be easier for users to discover web apps and for developers to reach a large audience", says Erik Kay, a Lead Software Engineer over at Google. 

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Apps already mooted include Google Wave, Google Calendar, Tweetdeck, and Plants vs Zombies.

Chrome OS is expected to, like Android has, become an alternative operating system for netbook and slate computers with applications stored remotely rather than locally on a devices hard drive.

Such a move would mean that the need for local storage would be considerably reduced creating the possibility for smaller and more power efficient gadgets in the future.

Here's a video of Google demoing the Chrome Web Store:

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Writing by Stuart Miles.