HTC Hero owners - your Android 1.5 pain might nearly be at an end. Leaked documents from a Best Buy in the States suggests that the long-promised Eclair update might finally be arriving on 7 May.

Now, before any European readers get too excited, you should be aware that this document refers to the chinless wonder that is the Sprint edition of the HTC Hero. However, that said, the Sprint HTC Hero runs the same software, so if it's ready for the US edition then it should be ready for the Europeans too.

The full text of the Best Buy announcement has been posted on the XDA-Developers forum, and there's a screenshot you can see above, but the important bit reads: "There have been some questions about this update. It is a firmware update. Due to changes made by HTC on Friday, the deployment was delayed until this week. The update will be in all stores by this Friday, May 7".

Excited? Relieved? Still anxious? Tell us in the comments.

Update: Sprint looks to be as peeved as we are by the fact it didn't show up on 7 May.