Sit up, browser statistics enthusiasts - this one's for you. NetApplications has issued its monthly report on the to-ings and fro-ings of the browser market, and found that Chrome is still slowly bubbling upwards while Internet Explorer has plunged below the 60% marker.

At the end of April, Chrome accounted for 6.7% of visits to all the sites that NetApplications uses to generate its statistics. That's a rise of 0.6% of marketshare - the biggest seen by any browser this month, and also the biggest since Google launched Chrome back in September 2008. 

Firefox's marketshare has stagnated just shy of 25%, rising 0.07% in April to 24.6%, but Internet Explorer was the biggest loser this month - plummeting 0.7% to 59.95% - the first time in more than 10 years that Microsoft's browser has fallen below the 60% marker, and a sign that IE's dominance is being eroded. 

Safari remained at 4.7%, and Opera shrank a little down to 2.3%.