Google has announced that version 4.1 of Google Maps for Mobile has been released for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile handsets, and that includes the "search by voice" functionality so beloved of the Android and BlackBerry apps.

To use it, open up Google Maps and press the call button on your phone, before saying what you want to find. The handset converts it into a waveform, and sends it off to Google's servers for analysis, which then send back the results. It'll work with addresses, specific businesses and types of business - so it's entirely feasible to shout "pub!" at your phone and it'll find the nearest one for you.

There's a few other improvements too - a reworked settings page is one, which allows you to customise your voice search to match various different English accents, as well as Mandarin Chinese. You can also report problems with inaccurate data on particular maps for Google to take a closer look at.

The software is a free download for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile devices - you can grab it by heading to on your handset's browser.