Google has announced that its Gmail webmail product has received a couple of minor upgrades to its functionality. You can now drag-and-drop attachments to upload them, and there's also the ability to invite people to events from an message.

The drag-and-drop functionality has been implemented very smoothly. Click and drag a file in a folder over the Gmail window, and it'll change to a big box that you can drop it onto. You can do it with multiple files at the same time, though it might not work on every browser, so your mileage may vary.

Also, there's now a new option to insert an invitiation to an event with your email. If you have permission to access and view another person's Google Calendar, then you can view that calendar when you invite them, to see when they're free. When you're done, and they accept, the event gets added to both of your calendars.

 The functionality is live in Gmail accounts now.