Google, in its Q1 earnings report, has revealed a few interesting tidbits about Android and particularly the Nexus One. Firstly that the Android market now contains 38,000 apps - up 8,000 from just a month ago. Secondly, the Nexus One is already profitable.

On the Android market first, the growth is really starting to kick in. It took three months for the store to increase from 10,000 to 16,000 between September and December 2009, but to leap 8,000 in just a month is rather impressive. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that there are approximately 185,000 in the iTunes App Store, so there's still some way for Android to go.

Google also revealed that the Nexus One is already a profitable business for the company. The handset, and particularly Google's strategy for selling it online only, has come in for some criticism, with some calling the device a flop. Perhaps that statement will silence the doubters.

Overall, Google's revenue was $5.06 billion for the quarter, up 19% from 2009. Net income went up to $1.96 billion from $1.4 billion.