Google has said that it has had over 1100 applications from towns and cities across the US vying for the search engine to build its highspeed broadband test in their neighbourhood.

"We've received more than 1,100 community responses and more than 194,000 responses from individuals", said Google in a statement.

Google first announced that it was to build an ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband network in a selection of communities across the United States in February. It'll provide speeds of up to - get this - 1Gbps.

That's twenty times faster than the fastest service available in Britain today, and 500 times faster than the UK government's commitment for broadband access in Britain by 2012, which currently sits at a paltry 2Mbps. The speeds will be offered to at least 50,000, and potentially up to 500,000 people, says Google.

Following the massive amount of requests for Google to move in, the company has said that it's "not going to be able to build in every interested community... Wherever we decide to build, we hope to learn lessons that will help improve Internet access everywhere".

Communities have been told they will be informed of their success in the near future.