Google has updated the Android Maps application with a few extra features. There's a completely redesigned search results page, a Latitude widget, and the ability to put a map of your current location as your device's wallpaper.

Version 4.1's search interface now has most of its information on just one page. There's four big buttons that give you the option to see the place on the map, get directions, call it, or see it with Street View, and there's a visual representation of the proportions of star ratings. There's also the ability to swipe left and right between results.

Latitude's been granted a homescreen widget too, allowing you to see which of your friends is closest to you at any given time, but our favourite new feature is the ability to set your live wallpaper on an Android 2.0+ device to be a map of your local area. It'll probably kill your battery over a little while, along with your data usage, but who cares - you'll never be lost again.

The app is a free download for any Android 1.6+ phone. Search for Google Maps in the Android market.