Is SlingMedia, the company behind the Sling box and Sling player, about to launch an Android version? That's the impression of many following a new page on the company's website in the US, which allows fans of the Android platform to sign up to be kept in the loop.

"Be one of the first to know when SlingPlayer Mobile for Android becomes available in the US. Submit your email address below and we'll keep you posted", reads the words on the android-signup page.

Slingbox, which has long been available for PC, Mac and iPhone users has yet to make it to the Android platform, however following a series of high-profile phone launches from Motorola, HTC, Samsung and soon Sony Ericsson, companies are starting to look at the Google powered OS to offer itsr apps on.

No word as to when or how much the software will cost, but we would expect it to be similar to the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone version which comes in at $30 in the US and £20 in the UK.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks to Tony for the tip.

UPDATE: have now posted a video of the app in question: