At the SxSWi festival in Austin, Texas, Google has admitted that Gmail can be too slow, but promised to fix that, as well as throwing a bone to people who get irritated switching between a regular Google account and a Google Apps account.

Googler Jonathan Perlow asked the audience at the "Behind the Scenes of Gmail" panel to raise their hands if they thought the company's webmail product is too slow. TechCrunch relates that "a solid number" of people raised their hands. The problem, apparently, is limited to power users - those with hundreds of thousands of messages. Perlow said that Google is aware of the issue and has a solution, saying "we are fixing it".

As the panel came to a close, one of the panelists - another Googler - also revealed that the company is working to fix the issue of having to deal with content saved across multiple accounts, hinting that there might be a way to link them in the future. There's no time frame for the change, but the team said that it was a problem they suffered too - so perhaps it'll get a little bit of developmental priority.