Google has announced a business-oriented cloud software store which it's calling the Google Apps Marketplace. The service allows businesses using its Google Apps software to install plugins that allow them to access cloud-based productivity applications.

Google says that it started the project after businesses clamoured for more cloud-based software that it didn't have the expertise or time to create - "from accounting and project management to travel planning and human resources management". By allowing other companies the ability to serve apps to its customers, Google could satisfy those businesses.

The Google Apps Marketplace (not to be confused with the company's Android App Market) has launched with offerings from more than 50 companies that includes payroll, project management, contextual information and software development functionality. Once installed, they work just like native Google apps and can access calendars, email, documents and contact data.

If you're running Google Apps, then head over to the Marketplace and see if there's anything that takes your fancy.