Latest figures from Net Applications suggest that the browser market is moving in favour of Google's Chrome - which is growing while all others shrink in marketshare. Chrome is up 0.39%, which takes the browser to 5.61% of web use - in third place above Safari and Opera, but below Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer has been in decline for a long time, and moved down 0.54% to 61.58%. Firefox has been growing for a long time, but the 25% mark that it's been in spitting distance of for months is proving increasingly elusive, with a reduction in marketshare of 0.20% to 24.23%.

Safari and Opera are down too - 0.08% and 0.03% respectively. Neither commands more than a 5% share of the market. The data is based on 40,000 sites monitoring a pool of about 160 million unique users each month. It's then weighted based on the approximate size of each country's web using population.

Next month, what will be interesting to see is what effect the EU's brand new browser ballot screen has on web access. Stay tuned for those details.