Mobile advertising company AdMob, which was bought by Google back in November, has published its monthly metrics report, containing a host of statistics about the phone industry right now. Surveying 963 respondents, the survey found that a whopping 73% of Android device owners are male, compared to 57% for the iPhone and 58% for the Palm Pre.

Also, it was found that 65% of iPod touch owners are 17 or younger, compared with 13% of iPhone users and just 2% of Palm Pre owners. That suggests that it's the preferred option for teens who can't afford a full-on iPhone, but still want to play with apps. Speaking of apps, those iPod touch owners download an average of 10.5 free apps and 1.6 paid apps per month.

91% of iPod users said that they'd recommend their device to others, compared to 84% of Android owners and a paltry 69% of webOS users. Global smartphone web traffic is owned 50% by Apple, but Android has just taken the edge from Symbian, at 21% compared to 19%. RIM is next with 5%, followed by webOS and Windows Mobile at 2%. Android's marketshare is much bigger in the US - at 39%.

In Britain, though, the iPhone rules the roost - with 79% of mobile web users owning one. Android keeps second place, at 10%, followed up by Symbian at 7% and RIM at 3%. Similarly, Apple have 80% of the handset market, with HTC at 8%, Nokia at 6%, and RIM and "Others" both at 3%. The top 5 phones accessing the mobile web in Britain, in order, are the iPhone, the iPod touch, the HTC Hero, the HTC Dream and the Nokia N95.

There's oodles more statistics if you're curious, like the fact that mobile web traffic in the Phillipines is owned 89% by Nokia, but we'll stop there for now. To access the full report, head over to AdMob's blog or just download the PDF report.