Google's starting to funnel some serious cash into development of apps for its Android platform, now that it's taking off. Once upon a time, we'd get announcements of iPhone apps from the company, but that's reducing in frequency now that the two parties are in heavy competition.

The first order of the day is making sure that every Google app on the iPhone can be found on Android. So following the release of Google Earth on iPhone in late 2008, we've now got Google Earth on Android. It keeps most of the same features as the most recent 2.0 release of the app, but adds roads and voice recognition.

Unfortunately, though, it'll only work on handsets running Android 2.1 - like the Nexus One and the upcoming HTC Desire and HTC Legend. That means, however, that the voice search also integrates Google's Local Search capabilities. You can also browse the usual photos, Wikipedia entries, local businesses etc.

It's free, and you can get it by searching for Google Earth in the Android Market.