AT&T has revealed it is to offer five new Android-based devices from Dell, HTC and Motorola with three of them due to be exclusives to the US operator.

Without unveiling the handsets in any detail, AT&T has teased a little info to eager consumers stating the Motorola effort will be a "smartphone, powered by MOTOBLUR, with a unique form factor", while the Dell handset is said to be the company's first and the HTC model is just described as a "smartphone".

We already know that Dell's Mini 3 has been confirmed for launch on the AT&T network during the first half of 2010, so there's no mystery there.

With AT&T stating the Motorola effort will offer a "unique form factor" as well as MOTOBLUR, the new Backflip has got to be in the running as the most likely candidate.

Things are a little more open as far as HTC is concerned. There have been a few leaked handsets from HTC of late, but the HTC Legend and the HTC Incredible are both rumoured to be headed to Verizon, which might mean the HTC Bravo could be a possibility.

In addition to the handset info, AT&T has also announced a new software development kit, as well as the news that it will offer its customers access to all major OS app stores from Nokia's Ovi to Microsoft to BREW.