Google has announced that it's bringing Chrome's extensions and bookmark sync capabilities out of beta. The browser, which has won plaudits for its speed and minimalism, can now be modified to do almost anything you can dream of.

There's over 1500 extensions already available for the browser, from eBay and digg monitors, to tools that'll tell you when you've got an email, message on Google Wave or even an ad-blocker. We're a little surprised that Google let that last one in, given that its business revolves around selling advertising to people.

The browser also gets bookmark sync, which lets you log in with your Google account and keep your little bar of bookmarks tidy and in order on any computer you use. It's also been granted performance updates and a bunch of HTML5 APIs.

If you're a Mac or Linux Chrome user, then you'll be wondering when you'll be getting the love. On Linux, extensions are on the beta channel, but Mac users will have to wait a little longer before they'll be able to block ads in Google's browser. Users running the Windows version will be updated automatically over the next week, or you can go to Tools >  About Google Chrome. If an update's waiting, it'll tell you there.

What are your favourite Chrome extensions? We like the Google Alerter, Adsweep, Brizzly, and RSS subscription extensions. Tell us which your must-haves are in the comments.