While companies across the globe struggled in 2009, that didn't seem to be a problem faced by Google based on its latest quarterly earnings report released on Thursday.

According to the latest numbers to come out of the "Googleplex" not only did the company increase its year on year Q4 results by 17% to revenues of $6.67 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009, but managed to bring in over half of that cash (53%) from international rather than US sales.

Of that $6.82bn, Google-owned sites like YouTube, Gmail, and its search engine generated revenues of $4.42 billion, or 66% of total revenues, in the fourth quarter of 2009, while third party Adsense partners, such as websites like Pocket-lint who run Google ads, bought in a further 31% of total revenues.

Google hasn't broken out which sites earned what amount, so it is still impossible to say whether the money is coming all from the company's cash cow - the search engine, or whether services like YouTube are finally starting to justify their $1.6bn cost.

What do all these numbers mean? Put simply, that the company now has a cash horde of $24.5 billion in the bank ready to spend. Shame then that shares were down by $5 on the news.