Over the next few weeks Google will be rolling out the ability to "upload, store and organise any type of file" via its online Google Docs service.

"With this change", Google says in a blog post, "you'll be able to upload and access your files from any computer - all you need is an Internet connection".

Google Docs will soon allow users to upload any file up to 250MB to the online service, offering 1GB of free storage for files you don't convert into one of the Google Docs formats.

If you need more space for non-Googley files, then Google is happy to flog additional storage for $0.25 per GB per year.

"You might even be able to replace the USB drive you reserved for those files that are too big to send over email", Google suggests.

The new functionality will be enabled for your account over the next couple of weeks - look for the bubble notification when you sign in to Docs, Google says.