More Android-based consumer electronics are due over the next year in a move that will see the platform extended from its current arena of primarily the mobile phone market.

Touch Revolution and TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) have announced a partnership "to accelerate the development of touch-screen user interfaces for original equipment manufacturers".

TAT's Cascades UI framework and Touch Revolution's NIMble NIM1000 Touch Module will see new products with Android user interfaces, 3D graphics and advanced animations.

Due to be demoed at CES is an Android-based desktop smartphone boasting "gesture recognition and graphical animations to create beautiful and highly functional user experiences and provide a more intuitive feel".

The new NIMble desktop smartphone gets a home screen with widgets such as calendar, weather, traffic, etc, and four always-available tabs for making calls and controlling the phone's functions.

Meanwhile, Touch Revolutions's NIM1000 module is also to be demoed at CES in other futuristic Android-based household devices, such as a washing machine with touchscreen controls.

There's also a microwave oven "that doubles as a 'kitchen command center' with Android running all kinds of useful applications - widgets for news and weather, a digital picture frame, Internet radio, recipes with video instructions, a web browser and timers for each burner and the oven".

We will aim to bring you more on these concepts from the CES show floor, so stay tuned.