After a decade of dominance from Microsoft's Internet Explorer, only punctuated recently by the success of Mozilla's Firefox, another contender is stepping up to the plate - Google's Chrome browser.

Chrome, which has been praised by reviewers for its speed and feature-set, has managed to nab third place in the charts from Apple's default browser, Safari. Chrome hopped from 4.0% to 4.4% during the week of 6 - 12 December, overtaking Safari at 4.37%.

The jump in marketshare follows the launches of betas for Chrome on both Mac and Linux platforms. On the Mac, Chrome has 1.3% usage, but on Linux it jumped 3% from 3.81% to 6.34%. Chrome's gains have come "fairly equally" from both Safari and Firefox, according to Net Applications, which monitors browser usage.

For comparison, Internet Explorer is currently at 63.6% share, and Firefox is at 24.7%. Which browser do you use and why? Tell us below.